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Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads

HXRT Rubber Pads are manufactured with a Heavy Duty Premium Rubber Compound.

Providing good traction, isolation of machine vibration for the operator and protects against accidental electrical discharge.

Rubber Pads allow you to diverse your steel tracks excavators machine giving you the option to operate on Roads or Concrete surfaces.

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Product Categories

Rubber Pads Bolt On Rubber Pads
Bolt on the secondary holes in the steel grousers, widths from 300mm to 500mm

Rubber Pads Clip On Rubber Pads
Clamp on side of steel grouser s, widths from 300mm to 500mm

Rubber Pads Chain On Rubber Pads
Bolt directly on to the steel chain, widths from 300mm to 500mm

(We also can supply 600mm, Clamp On & Chain On)

REFERENCE: Mini excavators from 3 ton to 13 ton

GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: 300mm – 3 ton, 400mm – 4 to 6 ton, 450mm – 7 to 9 ton, 500mm – 12 to 13 ton



Please Note: "We deliver throughout Victoria & will arrange freight if you're outside of Victoria."